Not Enough Money

All over the world young marriage is happening. One reason why is because their parents don’t have enough money to keep them in school so they marry them off to older men. Some people in India don’t have jobs to so they have to find an older man to take their daughter and give their family money.

The Side Effects

Young brides get abused and can’t do anything about it, but the only way is to run away and hope they don’t get caught. The second effect is they will never see their family again.

They Don’t Have a Choice

If a young girl’s parents say that they have to marry someone the girl can not say no, she will have to drop out of school and get prepared for the marriage.

Why Give Your Daughter Away

Why would parents marry their daughters off? They would rather have their son but that is pretty unfair; girls should have the same rights as the boys. If boys get to finish school then so should girls. Most girls would run away and in Africa they have a section for run away brides; it is called the land of no men and is located in Kenya.

What We Can Do?

We could do something now! We could raise money to get them out of the trouble they’re going through as a kid and we could also try to talk to some people who visit India.